Westcliff Gin – Dry Dock Liquor
Westcliff Gin

Westcliff Gin

R 409.00

 Enhancing an already superb gin, Westcliff Copper Distilled is oak aged for 3 months. Added to the barrel is Ruby Grapefruit peel and other dark spices. The result is a gorgeous, soft amber coloured gin with kisses of Ruby Grapefruit.

The area on the hill known as Westcliff is where the gold labeled gin derives its name.

The botanicals used in the creation of this gin is a blend of European and African botanicals, mostly golden in colour. The African botanicals are sourced from the Faraday Muthi Market in the Joburg CBD. The flavour profile of this gin can only be described as soft, green and floral – mimicking the man made forest that Westcliff is known for. This gin honors the city it is distilled and inspired by. This gin is produced as a sipping gin, ideally served on ice.