Toashuzos Sanmi-Itai Cask Strength

Toashuzos Sanmi-Itai Cask Strength

R 1,680.00

A blended malt whisky from Toashuzo Co, the previous owners of the now legendary closed distillery, Hanyu. Sanmi-Ittai is a Japanese translation of the Latin, Trinitas, in reference to the three founders of the distillery. The blend is said to contain Hanyu as one of the components, but it's not likely to be much based on the rarity and price of Hanyu. As per most blended whisky coming from Japan, there is sure to be some non-Japanese whisky as well. The blend is married in a single cask and released in small batches. Bottled at 57.3%. (Bottle size 500ml)

Nose: Lively barley fusil oils, sweet honeycomb, sherry must and oak.

Palate: Soft sweet entry spices and sherry intensity from the alcohol but great balance of barley and oak.

Finish: Dry oak finish with the slightest hint of smoke.