Shanky's Whip

Shanky's Whip

R 405.00

Shanky's Whip is distilled, blended and bottled in Ireland. It is a smooth Whiskey Liqueur made from black Irish Whiskey and Irish spirits blended with natural flavor of vanilla and infused with caramel. The resulting spirit is black and smooth with a rich, whippy flavor dominated by spicy Irish Whiskey notes.

Black Irish Whiskey is whiskey rested in deep-charred oak barrels which creates a
smooth creamy tasting whisky that is black in colour, which is then blended with other
flavours to add rich, sweet creamy vanilla flavours. Drink it in the same way you drink
your whiskey – neat, on the rocks, and maybe with cola in a short glass.

What makes It special.

Shanky's is a smooth, easy drinking whiskey-based spirit for drinkers who like the idea
of drinking whiskey but find the flavour too harsh.
 Shanky’s Whip is presented in a beautiful bottle, and vintage label featuring the
mythical Irish jockey, Shanky – the original wild boy of racing. When thrown from his
horse, Irish legend has it that Shanky later returned to the racetrack with an ostrich
and cart and, of course, a whip. And his legend was born