Painted Wolf Pinotage Guillermo x 6

Painted Wolf Pinotage Guillermo x 6

R 1,422.00

The Pack, Guillermo Pinotage 2017 from Swartland is a bright vibrant wine with spicy red berry fruit, with evident ripe tannins and a long lingering finish.

Guillermo Pinotage is named after our good friend Billy ‘Guillermo’ Hughes. He was amongst the first investors in our winemaking and conservation adventure, trading grapes for shares in Painted Wolf. Billy is an uncompromising exponent of organic and naturally farmed grapes with a keen interest in biodynamics. For a few vintages our winemakers Jeremy helped Billy make his Nativo wines. From 2013, Kasteelsig vineyard has been organically certified.

Our friend Jenny Metelerkamp who lived with us in the bush in Botswana produced the fine Painted Wolf ink drawing for our logo and the pack labels.

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