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Newton Johnson Family Vineyards Chardonnay

Newton Johnson Family Vineyards Chardonnay

R 295.00

Chardonnay is compelling when it has energy, giving you an impressionists’ experience of natural light. It’s an elusive quality that great wines share despite the versatility of the variety. It is more of a winemakers wine where observation pays off, and though it easy to make, in contrast it is surprisingly easy to muddy the message from the vineyard.
The Family Vineyards Chardonnay is comprised of three vineyard sites from the farm, widely varied in their exposure to the sun. The vibrancy, clear cut structure and long flavour we perceive from these granitic slopes is our safeguarded jewel. This well-drained, gravelly soil of mostly quartz, pink feldspar and mica on the lower part of the slope reaches down to deposits of clay. Clay adsorbs water and high concentrations of trace elements for the increasingly complex activity of soil microorganisms, which all contributes to the building blocks of the
wine’s crystalline flavour profile. Our south facing Chardonnay vineyards produce edgy and agile wines with nervy acidity, while the north facing slopes are more lustrous wines, delivering weight without being heavy, layering the structure. A natural approach in the winemaking will ensure a complex array of characters in this wine.


Abundant layers of complex flavour growing increasingly luminescent and steely in the glass. Lucid ripe citrus and white peach are inured with ornate spices and lime zest. The fleshiness of the wine sways and eases the razor-sharp purity of the Granite soil influence. The brittle crunch in the structure hems in the lush texture, with an elongated thread of grape acid resonating in the finish.