Monkey Shoulder Whisky
Monkey Shoulder Whisky

Monkey Shoulder Whisky

R 450.00


The unusual name ‘Monkey Shoulder’ harks back to whisky-making heritage. Years ago, distillery workers would shovel tonnes of malting barley hour after hour for long shifts. This hard work would sometimes cause their arm to hang down, a bit like a chimpanzee’s. The men called this temporary affliction ‘monkey shoulder’ and so we named the whisky in their honour and their hard graft. Fortunately, working practices have changed, and though one of our three distilleries is one of the remaining few in Scotland that still floor malt, this condition no longer exists.
  • Zesty Orange meets mellow vanilla, honey and spiced oak
  • Mellow vanilla with spicy hints

  • Super smooth


  • 750ml
  • 43% alc