Gonzalez Byass Nectar Pedro Ximenez NV  Sherry

Gonzalez Byass Nectar Pedro Ximenez NV Sherry

R 425.00

The vineyards in Jerez are unique to the area. The soil in Jerez is majority
Albariza. a white soil which contains up to 60% chalk. Therefore it has
a large capacity for maintaining moisture, very important given the
long, hot and dry summers as irrigation is prohibited. The area has a
unique microclimate influenced by the surrounding Atlantic ocean and
the rivers Guadalquivir and Guadalete. The prevailing winds are moist
and warm, and now and again dry and hot Levante winds from north
Africa. Temperatures are warm, with an average of 70% humidity and
annual rainfall of 600 liters/m2. The harvest in Jerez begins mid August
and generally lasts for 3 weeks maximum. The Pedro Ximénez grape,
although a white grape, is treated slightly differently as it is destined for
sweet wines. The grapes are collected from the vine slightly later and
they are then sundried in a process called  ́soleo ́. For this the bunches
are laid out on esparto mats in the vineyard for up to two weeks. During
this time the grape loses about 40% of its volume due to evaporation of
water which causes concentration of sugars.

The Pedro Ximenez grape undergoes a strong press due to its dry state
similar to olive oil production. The must then begin to ferment although
stops at around 7% alcohol due to sugar stress. At this time the wine is
fortified to 15% alcohol and then enters into the Néctar solera. The wine
remains in cask for an average of 8 years following the traditional Solera
system. All the process is supervised by our winemaker and master
blender Antonio Flores.

Néctar shows an intense ebony colour with iodine tones and intense
legs due to high sugar content. On the nose rich aromas of fruits such as
raisins, figs and dates accompanied by honey, syrup and fruit preserve.
On the palate velvety and smooth with good acidity which alleviates the
sweetness. Long and flavourful finish.

Serve slightly chilled in small wine glass. Néctar is an ideal dessert wine,
perfect poured over vanilla ice cream or with dark chocolate cakes or
with caramel based desserts. Also perfect on its own.