Germana Cachaca  Da Palha

Germana Cachaca Da Palha

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Cachaça is the national spirit of Brazil, made from distilled sugar cane
juice and corn flour. While rum is distilled from molasses left over after
extracting the sugar, Cachaça is distilled directly from the juice of the
unrefined sugar cane. Before distillation, the juice ferments naturally
from yeasts present in the air in a wooden or metal container for three
weeks. Cachaça is distilled in such a way that the scent of the sugar
cane remains.

The production of Germana Cachaça begins with the growing of sugar cane. As with the making of all
spirits, the quality of the sugar cane is imperative. When the production of Germana starts, all sugar
cane is cut down by hand, using machetes, to make sure that the part of the cane with the best
concentration of sugars is harvested.