Fercullen Falls Blend

Fercullen Falls Blend

R 575.00

Fercullen Falls Small Batch, Blend

Fercullen Falls is a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, with a high malt content highlighting the unique style of the Powerscourt Distillery.

  • A 50/50 blend, the malt whiskey has matured in first-fill, ex-bourbon barrels and the grain in a combination of ex-bourbon and new heavy char oak casks.
  • With this release, The Powerscourt Distillery is herald­ing the start of a new era for the Distillery, with the inclusion of its own distilled whiskeys for the first time.

Region:  Irish Whiskey

Nose: Cinnamon and fresh orchard fruits, herbaceous with brown sugar, toffee and a distinct maltiness.

Taste: Rich, soft and sweet. Vanilla icing and malt spice with a peppery clove finish.

Finish: Warming malt spice with good length, drying at the extremitie