Kleine Zalze Project Z

Nature knows no boundaries and wine, as one of the most revered of nature’s offerings, does not have limits either. With Project Z, the team of winemakers at Kleine Zalze had free reign to interact with nature, to search for the ultimate expression from a vineyard and to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in order to keep growing and evolving.

The “project” originated back in 2013 from discussion between owner, Kobus Basson and the winemaking team. From their discussions, the “project” grew and today the cornerstones of the Project Z wines are a selection of vineyards on extraordinary sites and an impressive collection of Italian amphorae that were steadily acquired since 2015. And of course, a dedicated, committed, and skillful team.

The first wine was bottled in 2017 and by 2020 a unique range of signature wines were ready for release. Dressing the bottles was the only missing component. With the packaging we wanted to follow through on the journey of discovery and allow the winemaking team to own the full process of creation.

With the guidance and expertise of Theo Paul Voster, renowned artist, each winemaker created a visual expression of hidden elements of nature that inspire them. The very first linocut print of each artwork was used to create the labels for the wine, completing the full circle of the creative process. The result is an eclectic collection of exceptional and individual wines.

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