Update regarding eased liquor regulations in Level 3 lockdown

Update regarding eased liquor regulations in Level 3 lockdown

The Dry Dock ship is preparing to sail again - come Monday 1 June! 

The past seven weeks have been agonizing for us, and we know for you too. The fortunate have had to tuck into their collectibles and the rest of us have been high and dry. There was elation in our team when the president spoke Sunday night and gave us the green light to trade again. 

We have expanded our team and all hands are on deck to repay you for your trust in us, by getting the orders that you have placed with us as quickly as we can get stock from our suppliers. 

We are urgently waiting for clarity on the regulations, but for now we are assuming that we are only going to get deliveries from Monday morning. While some stock is already in Johannesburg warehouses, other products will have to be shipped from Cape Town and may take a few days longer. 

We will keep the lines of communication open with you to keep you updated on the status of your order, to arrange for part deliveries in the likely event that some stock is available before others, and to offer you a collection option if that is more convenient for you than awaiting our delivery. 

We regret that we will not be able to accommodate walk in trade next week. We are committed to fulfilling orders that have already been placed before we accept walk-in customers. We urge you to place your orders online urgently, so we can ensure that we have placed orders for the products you are after. 


The Dry Dock Team