Lismore Wines: Rebuilding after a devastating fire

Lismore Wines: Rebuilding after a devastating fire

Dry Dock and interested viewers chatted to owner and winemaker of Lismore Estate Wines last week. Samantha O'Keefe gave us the inside story about the devastating fire that destroyed her beautiful farm last year. 

Just a few days before Christmas, a wildfire swept over the farm, forcing the family to flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Samantha lost her family dog, her home, her winery and her vineyards. 

Samantha told us that her saving grace was the wonderful support of the community and wine industry. She spoke with tears in her eyes as she expressed her gratitude to everyone who is playing a role in rebuilding her beautiful farm. 

Dry Dock would like to urge its customers to continue supporting this amazing, strong, fierce entrepreneur. A pioneer in the wine industry who really creates some magnificent products. 

Tucked into the foothills of a dramatic mountain range at the bottom of Africa is Lismore Estate Vineyards. Californian Samantha O'Keefe has found paradise and the perfect terroir. Her passion combined with vines planted at 300 meters, chilled by the winter snow and nourished by the African summer sun, produce classic cool climate wines which are rich, complex and lovingly hand crafted. With one of the coolest climates in South Africa with extreme diurnal temperature shifts, her wines presents us with a very distinct sense of place. One that tells a story in the glass. Lismore is the pioneer of Wine of origin "Greyton", it has been designated by SAWIS recognizing the unique and special terroir of this region.