Dry Dock deliveries and the lockdown period

Dry Dock deliveries and the lockdown period

Dear customers,

An update on the delivery of your orders: 

The President has finally announced that Dry Dock will be allowed to operate from 1 June 2020. We are busy processing your orders, and arranging stock from our suppliers. 

The lockdown has made our customers thirsty, and we are working around the clock to meet the demand and prepare for a seamless delivery process. Our number one priority is to get your package to you as quickly as possible. Inevitably our suppliers are going to experience delays getting stock to Johannesburg but we are working hard to ensure that whatever stock is available here will be delivered to us on the day we can get access to it. We will have a collection option available also and will be in contact to let you know when your order is ready. 

In the meantime, sit tight, enjoy our weekly virtual tastings, and stay on the lookout for our exciting specials on the online store. You are now first in line to access many more exciting specials that we’ve arranged just for you.


The Dry Dock Team