X! The Calmer Sutra X4 – Dry Dock Liquor
X! The Calmer Sutra X4

X! The Calmer Sutra X4

R 160.00

When you pour The Calmer Sutra, you can’t help but be mesmerized by its beautiful amber colour. The colour is calming yet exciting at the same time. We took inspiration from this colour and named it the Calmer Sutra – the perfect combination for how this beer will make you feel!

Bottle Design: The Tatoo on the bottle is inspired by the mystical roots of the Karma Sutra in India, with the lotus flower being worn proudly on the bottle.

Style: A more serious beer for the discerning drinker. We present the American style Amber Ale. Many believe this style of beer is an evolution from its original English roots. With bigger flavour, body and presence this is a beer perfect for the highveld thunder storms rather than simple English drizzle.

Taste Profile: A deep malty character with strong caramel notes balanced with a stronger hoppier flavour than an average South African beer. With a full and deeply satisfying body this beer somehow still manages to refresh. The character will remind you of your favourite cookie.