Valdo Doc Prosecco Extra dry

Valdo Doc Prosecco Extra dry

R 195.00

Prosecco DOC

80 metres above sea level


Soft crushing, fermentation with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature.

3 months in a pressurised vat

11% Vol.

Gradual cooling in the refrigerator, without excessive temperature changes. To fully appreciate the product, a long-stemmed glass is the most suitable, serve at 6-7C°.

Tasting Notes


    Straw-coloured with greenish tinges.


    A typical, delicately fruity bouquet, reminiscent of ripe wild apples and the scent of acacia flowers.


    Distinct hint of fruit and a cheerful, lively flavour.

A lively, light and pleasant sparkling wine, suitable to be consumed particularly as an aperitif, both on its own and as an ingredient for a Prosecco-based cocktail.


A sparkling wine that can be enjoyed throughout the meal, it goes well with even the most refined dishes.