Tierhoek Straw Wine

Tierhoek Straw Wine

R 200.75

100% Chenin Blanc, picked at normal ripeness then left to dry for 2-3 weeks on nets.
The dried bunches are then pressed and racked into old French oak barrels where
they can ferment for up to 6 months. The result is an unctuous wine of immense
concentrated flavours of dried apricots and honey. The sweetness is balanced by a
fresh natural fruit acidity leaving a clean finish on the palate. Will age for decades.

Winemakers Word:
This is a fantastic way to make sweet wine in a Mediterranean climate. The grapes
are selected from a Chenin block and are picked at the same ripeness level as the
table wine (23°-25°B) to preserve the primary fruit character and the acidity, both of
which are needed in a great sweet wine. The bunches are dried naturally for 2-3
weeks then pressed and racked into old French-oak barrels where the wine matures
for many years in a solera system. Acidity, sweetness and flavour are all
concentrated in this method of winemaking.

These Chenin Blanc vines are all rooted on weathered
sandstone. Irrigation is only done during drought conditions and
all farming methods are organic.
Alcohol: 11.50 %
Total Acidity: 7.5
Residual Sugar: 256.8
pH: 3.70
Free SO₂: 0 ppm
Total SO₂: 31 ppm

Additional Ratings and Comments:
Platter Rating: ★★★★☆