Tierhoek Chardonnay
Tierhoek Chardonnay

Tierhoek Chardonnay

R 99.00

A lovely, fresh Chardonnay with a subtle citrus and baked apple palate that is rounded from a portion of
barrel aging, producing a soft creaminess. This wine appeals to both wooded and unwooded fans, and
works brilliantly with food pairing.

Winemakers Word:
This block was fermented in 2 different parcels. The 1st parcel fermented
and aged in steel tanks, to keep freshness and minerality. The 2nd parcel
(57%) was barrel fermented and aged, to produce the roundness and
creaminess. Batonage is done for 6 months in the barrel. Both portions are
fermented naturally with indigenous yeast, and we avoid malolactic
fermentation. You can drink now, or enjoy in three years time.

These young vines are trellised in one of the richer soils of the farm,
containing lots more humus, and with the most soil organisms. It is great to
see the guinea fowl scratching between the rows, cleaning the block of all
harmful predators, and how it is becoming more naturally in rhythm with
nature. Irrigation is only done during drought conditions, and all farming
methods are organic. Yields are 3-4 tonne per hectare.

Alcohol: 13 %
Total Acidity: 6.0 g/l
Residual Sugar: 1.7 g/l
pH: 3.29
Free SO2: 30 ppm
Total SO2: 82 ppm