The Phantom Melodramatic Gin

The Phantom Melodramatic Gin

R 430.00


The creator of Melodramatic craft gin brought her dramatic flair into these uniquely crafted gins. Her love and passion for the theatre is evident in each bottle. Distilled in small batches and hand labeled and signed by her personally, making each bottle a show piece for any gin bar.  And if you look closely, you will see each character on stage inside the bottle. Both The Phantom and The Harlequin are sipping gins, so you can enjoy it neat, on ice, or with Indian Tonic. 

The Phantom

A delightful gin with a refreshingly spicy finish. Generously distilled with cardamom, and export quality rooibos. It lends the perfect amount of bitterness and spice, while also giving it a touch of the dramatic flair.