The Phantom Melodramatic Gin

The Phantom Melodramatic Gin

R 380.00


Knysna is home to the haunting beauty of Africa’s southernmost Afromontane forest. Deep within the forest a creature known only to this part of the world exists - the Phantom Moth. Phantom is named after this ghost moth and pays tribute to the wild spirits that dwell in this delicate ecoregion. From the majestic elephants whose trails are long forgotten to the slow-footed dwarf chameleon and regal Knysna Lourie to name a few. This London Dry style gin is handcrafted from botanicals sourced from Knysna and infused with natural fulvic trace minerals that lend to its unique earthy colour and offer you a taste of the ancient forest.


Soft enchanting nose with juniper and a unique hint of wood & spice. Sweet nuances of caramalised orange on the smooth palate with a refreshing herbaceous mint aftertaste.


Through the use of carefully selected ingredients and our main botanical sourced from Knysna we created a craft gin unique in colour that reminds us of the Jubilee Creek gently flowing through the forest.

  • 50ml Phantom Gin

  • Good quality ice-blocks made with mineral spring water

  • 200ml Fitch & Leeds Tonic Water

  • Orange Peel

  • Squeeze of lime juice

  • Garnished with fresh mint leaves or Lion’s Tail if you have some!