Kumusha Flame lily

Kumusha Flame lily

R 262.00

Kumusha Flame Lily 2021 is produced from a blend of 57% Roussanne, 35% Chenin Blanc, 4% Colombard and 4% Semillon grape varietals. Grapes are hand-picked with the Chenin Blanc from registered old vines. Gently pressed into a settling tank for 36 hrs. A component of Chenin Blanc was fermented until dry on the skins. Racked into old French oak where alcoholic and malolactic fermentation occurs spontaneously. Aged for 10 months before bottling, unfined. Bottled at 13.5%. (Bottle size 750ml)

Nose: It was a cool vintage, which shows with the fresh flowers, pear and lemon peel on the nose.

Palate: Gentle mouthfeel with hints of chamomile and apricots.

Finish: Lively acidity gives a mouth-watering finish.