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Knut Hansen Dry Gin 500ml

Knut Hansen Dry Gin 500ml

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KNUT HANSEN DRY GIN is a modern, Hanseatic gin – created, introduced & marketed by two guys from Hamburg: Kaspar & Martin. The idea of KNUT HANSEN came up in one of those typical nights out in St. Pauli, when we decided to develop our own gin – and so the adventure began.
The vision was very clear: A regional product, a nordic-Hanseatic gin with a perceptible taste of juniper and an extraordinary design. 

The KNUT HANSEN DRY GIN stoneware bottles show the face of sailor and adventurer KNUT HANSEN, who did not just name the gin, but also personifies the values of KNUT HANSEN DRY GIN such as individuality, love of freedom and adventures

Our gin is manufactured in small batches - each with a lot of love for the little details in order to preserve the unique taste and the natural aroma of the carefully selected botanicals. Afterwards KNUT HANSEN DRY GIN is manually bottled.

Botanicals and Tasting Notes:

Botanicals: Juniper, Basil, Apple, Cucumber + 10 more
Nose / Aroma / Smell: Juniper aromas with floral hints and a touch of lavender, followed by the freshness from the apple
Flavor / Taste / Palate: Very classic Gin on the palate with flavors of juniper, apple, basil and cucumber. A burst of citrus flavors seals the deal.
Alcohol content: 43 %