Jackson Triggs Vidal Icewine

Jackson Triggs Vidal Icewine

R 1,037.00


A warm, dry fall quickly shifted into a frosty, cold November, which started the 2017 Icewine season at Jackson-Triggs Niagara. The freeze/thaw process took place in early November with temperatures dropping to hard frost in few weeks after. The grapes developed their quintessential concentrated Icewine characteristics throughout November with harvest beginning the first week

of December. The grapes for all of the Icewine varietals were brought in within the first week, as temperatures were averaging an ideal -10°C. This earlier than usual harvest allowed for yielding as much juice from the press as possible.


The grapes for the Vidal Icewine were picked and pressed immediately upon arrival at the winery, and then settled and fermented cool, with yeast specially selected to endure the tough conditions presented by the high sugar levels in the Icewine juice. The fermentation was stopped when the perfect balance of alcohol and residual sugar was reached, after which the finished wine was immediately bottled to ensure optimum aromatic and flavour intensity.


Nectar-like in both flavour and texture, this Icewine boasts delectable notes of honey and vanilla, which are perfectly complemented by bight green apple and citrus zest. The lush and creamy mouthfeel is perfectly supported by a vibrant, fresh acidity, while flavours of lemon candy linger on the finish.


The Vidal Icewine is perfect when paired with savoury dishes like Icewine seared scallops, sushi and spicy Thai dishes. Try it with fresh fruit, crème brûlée or cheeses such as triple cream Brie, goat’s cheese or salty Parmesan.