Flagstone Poetry Chenin Blanc X6

Flagstone Poetry Chenin Blanc X6

R 490.00

At Flagstone we aim to make wine that respects our 350 year old winemaking
heritage, while always celebrating the magnificence of nature. We want to make
gorgeous wines that stimulate your brain as much as they please your taste
Poetry is about paired-down words, making, forming, creating. It is art, the
essence of language, meaning a fundamental creative act using language.
Accomplished poetry is a distillation of language so that meaning shines through.
Powerful poetry is utter, it pulls no punches and is not concerned with excuses. It
celebrates the joy and highlights the natural sadness of our human condition,
poetry eulogises the cycle of nature. Poetry is romantic, poignant and it shows
the compulsion of our heart, the engine of our ambition and the spirit of desire.
We don't expect our simple offerings to do all of this of course, but we hope our
authentic work and insistence on integrity carries a message of hope and love
long after the last delicious sip.

Wine style
Sweet 1 2 3 4 5 Dry
Light 1 2 3 4 5 Full bodied

Brilliant white gold.

Aromatic bouquet with a combination of ripe melon and stewed pear.

The wine offers refreshing green apple acidity combined with a touch of viscosity and explosion of pineapples. Creamy back palate supports the acidity.

This Chenin Blanc is perfect with mild to spicy rice dishes, chicken salads, sushi and white meats.