Duvel Belgian Golden Ale X4

Duvel Belgian Golden Ale X4

R 168.00


Duvel is indeed a devilish beer, full of contrasts and surprising discoveries. Its golden-coloured appearance, delicate sparkle and refined, silky taste with complex aromas hides an 8,5% alcohol content. Lush aromas include citrus, apple, hops and yeast.
  • Golden, clear, three fingers of bright airy and frothy head, great retention, low to moderate carbonation, spotty and soapy lacing, becomes veiled on final pour
  •  Slightly above medium body, moderate-high carbonation, very well hidden alcohol (it does reveal itself as you near the end), crisp,
  •  Moderate hop bitterness, citrus zest, clove, floral hops, Apple,


  • 330ml
  • 8.5% alc