Dalla Cia 10YR Grappa – Dry Dock Liquor
Dalla Cia 10YR Grappa

Dalla Cia 10YR Grappa

R 2,650.00

Distilled in 2004 from the fermented skins of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot a 10 distillation process was used:
1st Distillation: Potstill (Bain-Marie)
2nd Distillation: Column Distillation (Fractional)
The final blend composition: 2/3 cabernet sauvignon grappa, 1/3 merlot grappa
Matured in a new, heavy toasted French oak barrel for 10 years at 75%alc.

“Deep amber in colour, the bouquet has delicate hints of plum, marzipan, orange zest, dark chocolate, cherry and ginger spice.”
“The taste is velvety and smooth with a layered mid palate and lingering aftertaste.”  

Total Production:
1000 bottles x 500ml at 43% alc.
Bottled and labeled entirely by hand, each bottle is numbered and signed
by George Dalla Cia, 3rd Generation Master Grappa Distiller