Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scottish Barley

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scottish Barley

R 1,329.00

This seventh annual release in our Port Charlotte PC series encounters this heavily peated spirit eleven years into its journey. Each year we release just a handful of precious bottles at cask strength. Our mission? To explore the effects of time on that esoteric union between spirit and oak as it mellows in our salt-soaked Hebridean air. PC11, ‘Eòrna Na h-Alba’ – Scottish Barley – is our homage to the land and people that gave life to this whisky

  • Polished walnut in an autumn sunset.
  • A heavyweight Islay – rich, smokey and smooth.
  • You may think it will never end as the smoke lingers releasing touches of liquorice, date and sweet malt. Close your eyes and you are on Islay. As this dram fades you can reflect on another step of your journey and look forward with confidence as there are many more to come.


  • 750ml
  • 58.7% alc