Edradour 2010 Single Malt Whisky

Edradour 2010 Single Malt Whisky

R 1,885.00

Highland Single Malt – 58.5%, 750ml

Product Description
Originally called Glenrorres (1825) the distillery was renamed Edradour in 1937. Owned by Pernod Ricard
since 1982, it was bought by Andrew Symington
(Signatory Vintage) in 2002. It was renovated from top
to bottom in 2019. This incredibly rich aromatic palette
of this magnificent Edradour, plunges us into a world
where the scents of precious woods play a predominant role.
The palate adds superb fruity, floral and gourmet
sequences that culminate delicately in the mouth.

Tasting Notes
Colour: Mahogany

Nose: A blend of beeswax, precious woods and candied
apricot, the first nose is intensely malty (porridge).
When aired, fragrances of rancio (cherry in brandy) and
salted butterscotch scent the atmosphere.

Palate: Both lively and smooth. Very spicy (star anise, pepper,
clove), the attack in the mouth reveals flavours of
marmalade, quince jelly and toasted nuts of great
precision. Oriental the mid-palate is floral (rose petal)
and greedy (loukoumi, pistachio). A few red fruits
(Napoleon cherry, red current) come to the fore.

Finish: Long, greedy. Oscillating between coffee and
chocolate, the beginning of the finish highlights the
finesse and complexity of this Edradour. Very long, the
finish is malty, roasted and praline-flavoured at the
same time. In retro olfaction, notes of cardamom, dried
flowers and tobacco magnificently punctuate the