X! The Phat Indian X 4 – Dry Dock Liquor
X! The Phat Indian X 4

X! The Phat Indian X 4

R 160.00

As the name suggestions – this is THE beer to have. It is our big India Pale Ale.

Bottle Design: The tattoo represents its roots to India with the chakra in the middle and its hoppy character with the 6 bold hops proudly stamped on the bottle.

Style: This beer will put hair on your chest and a fire in your soul. Originally made to be shipped to India by the British during their colonial days, this beer had to be made bigger to survive the longer journey. Now we make it bigger because it’s what the South African palate needs.

Taste Profile: A bold, bitter beer with notes of passion fruit and grape fruit. A creamy body is balanced by strong flavours, which makes this beer refreshing and full. It will keep you coming back every time.